MotoPressor Pocket Tyre Pump V2


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MotoPressor V2 Pocket Tyre Pump

To continue the success of the pump, MotorPressor have decided to change it up a little, and have “finally” put a cover on it! They have also managed to make the pump smaller (100*74*37mm) in size and halve the weight of it (345g). It pumps over 130 psi and will inflate a 150/70 R18 tyre from 0 to 31psi in 3 minutes.

There is a built-in “checking valve” on the pump so you can attach your pressure gauge to the valve and check the tyre pressure at any time.

The V2 Pocket Pump comes with a 185mm inflation hose, 2m long power cord with SAE connector, alligator clips with SAE connector and a top quality zippered EVA bag.


Rocky Creek Designs