Handlebar Bag BARBAG EVO – black




For everything that has to be ready to hand and also perfectly guarded. Functional bar bags which has been developed especially for BMW Models.

The only way to use the completely available space.

Easy to open compartments with extra pockets and additional storage places for pens, credit cards and more.

The main compartment is locked with a waterproof zipper. Furthermore, the bag has an E-Connect-input ( waterproof cable access) so that mobile phones can be charged on the way.

An integrated strengthening, a shock absorbing lining and a complex 2 to 3 layer structure provide more stability.

The facts:

  • Easy-to-open lid with velcro-type fasteners.
  • Sensible additional functions integrated into the underside of the lid.
  • Large main compartment that keeps its shape even when empty.
  • Quick-release fastening system: fits over the headset by means of adjustable Klett belt.
  • Fits many BMW handlebars.
  • Design by Nicolas Petit.
  • Water repellent zippers.
  • E-CONNECT input (waterproof cable grommet) for audio equipment and/or chargers. So the devices in the bag can becharged and protected at the same time.
  • Lined walls and floor protect the contents from vibration and prevent bulging/wobbling.
  • Carrying strap.
  • Blue lining.
  • Waterproof, Teflon-coated CORDURA. Tough, hard-wearing and not subject to bleaching. Coated inside.
  • Zipper with large rubber tag for easy grip.

Dimensions ( L / W / H ) in cm:   33 x 8 x 12

Volume in liters (circa):       2,5